Prophetic Word - 31 March 2014

This is a word that the Lord gave me on 31 March 2014. I wanted to share it with you guys because it is soooo good!
It is from Joel 1 and Ish. 55
Remember and tell others what the locus has eaten and what was left. Share the good news of the new harvest and the planting. Yes, the sowing and reaping. The fortitude that it took to persevere and protect that which is good. For in this you have a portion of your legacy. Hold on tight to the truth. The truth of My love and forgiveness. Remember the bitter and the sweet. Choose the sweet of the land for it is good. Cherish those whom you have been given guardianship over. Provide for them as I have provided for you. There will be an increase of plenty. 
Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good. Also serve only what is good and brings life. For I am life to all those who partake of Me. Quench the spirit of lack and destruction which distorts My word and shadows My truth for I am your provider and rebuilder. 
My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Can we not be one? Yes, we can as you abide in Me and I in you. Let us 'be' one so that we are melded together in the same purpose and pursuit. Not one of self-service, but for the good of all bringing glory to Me thus building the kingdom. 
May I love you fully? Embrace the fact that I love you fully with an everlasting love. Not a love like that of man for I am holy and true. Fully embrace Me and what I have for you and your family. It is pure and lovely. It is not empty and My love and word will accomplish that which I have spoken for I have breathed life into it. Yes, it shall succeed. So hope in Me and trust in Me and watch as I do it because I love you...